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How Much You Can Legally Avoid Paying

The biggest question on most people’s minds is “How much of my tax debt will I actually have to pay?” We can walk through your individual situation, and within only 15-20 minutes on the phone have a very good idea of what you can expect out of resolving with the IRS, and how much you will owe.

Which IRS Programs You Qualify For

Most people are simply overwhelmed by the overload of information found on the IRS website, and frankly, the information is hard to digest for almost anyone. We will walk you through the various IRS programs available, and will see which ones you have a shot at qualifying for.

The Steps You Should Take Next

Most people simply don’t know how to proceed, and what to do next to get out of tax problems. It’s time to reach out and take the help provided to finally be free of your on-going tax problems. We can show you the exact steps you should be taking next to get started towards freedom.

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Dave M. Testimonial
Had my tax problems fixed fast

I had not paid my taxes for quite a few years, and finally the IRS started to come after me with garnishments and seizing my accounts. It only took 2 days for them to get these restrictions lifted, and not long after that I had a way to finally be free.

Dave M.
Fort Wayne, IN

Jimmy D. Testimonial
Great professional company

Very straight forward and honest. Worked fast, and got my case handled quickly and professionally. Great work.

Jimmy D.
South Bend, IN

Karen T Testimonial
Loved working with them

While most people never rant and rave about a law firm, I have to say that your staff was fantastic to work with the whole way through. The first consultants made me feel safe, and were there to answer my questions along the way. Great communication the whole time, and got a large amount reduced from what I ended up owing.

Karen T
Bloomington, IN

Risk Free, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service, staff or your treatment during your time as a client of ours, just ask and we will give you a full money back refund. That’s how much we believe in our staff, service and outcomes for our clients.

7 Day Free Trial of our BBB A+ Rated Service

As one extra step towards proving how much we stand behind our service, we are willing to let you try out our tax help services for free for a full 7 days before you pay anything. We know you will love working with our staff so much, that we’re letting you for free!

How the Process Works

1) Free Initial Situational Analysis and Consultation

15 Minutes

First, we will walk through your individual tax situation on the phone, which will cover many of the pieces of information we’ll need to determine which programs you will qualify for, and how much you can expect to save overall.

2) Tax History Research and Investigation

4-7 Days

After our initial conversation, we will get all of the records and infractions that the IRS has against you, and will go through it thoroughly to build a case for you, and find out what needs to be done for the best results.

3) Negotiate with the IRS on Your Behalf

1-4 Months

Using our years of experience and unique relationship with certain agents, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, to get you the best possible settlement on your tax debt, and hopefully save you a ton in the process.

4) Freedom from IRS Tax Problems for Good


You will finally be free of the large tax debt cloud hanging over your head for good! You can now enjoy life like you once did, knowing that your tax problem days are behind you, and you don’t owe anyone.

Get Guidance and Clear Direction From Seasoned Aces

When dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, there are many things you certainly can do. But our Evansville team can help you understand the proper actions you should take, to get the relief you need. Our wisdom and experience can make the difference between saving thousands, and paying way an excessive amount.

Understand Exactly Where You Stand, and What to Do

For most people, being aware of what to do next is among the hardest things. There are really so many options, as well as the language is all confusing. Our Evansville experts can help demystify your IRS letters and notices, in order to finally get clarity and the help that you might want.

Let Our Years of Experience Help Your Situation

Our team are ready to put that expertise to work for you, and has hundreds of years combined expertise in the tax help sector. We know the approaches that the IRS uses, and also the greatest means of coping with these strategies. Give our Evansville team a call now!

Tax problems are now able to be a matter of the past with all the aid of our Evansville tax help company.

Are you really frightened you won’t receive a professional answer and get caught up in a perplexing maze that if you try to resolve your IRS problem by yourself?

Does poor communicating with all the IRS have you spinning your wheels and feeling completely overwhelmed with nowhere to turn to and no end in sight?

Tax Help Right Now in Indiana comprehends the power of the IRS as well as their collection processes much better in most cases than someone who’s suddenly facing a tax problem. We’re ready to step in and offer you a helping hand in your own time of need in Evansville.

When you file your return it is in your best interests to be conscious of the right strategy and we can assist you to make the appropriate choice that’ll save you lots of money.

Frequently when someone discovers that they owe taxes and can not pay in full, they make a terrible decision. Because it’s a good deal better to file on time and pay as much as possible or contact the IRS to negotiate it’s a terrible decision. The price of not filing either a return or an extension is extremely high, as the IRS applies tax laws and has the authority to charge both fees and interest on your own debt. This might seem excessive to you, especially if you didn’t believe you owed taxes. But, the Internal Revenue Service secures its interest in being paid by dissuading you from taking a long time to pay off your tax debt. They’re attempting to drive you to pay it off sooner.

Regrettably, if it is not potential for a citizen to pay a tax debt in a short span of time, the cumulative effects of interest and fees can add to your payment plan. Your outstanding debt accrues interest from the due date of the return until the date of payment, while there are special exceptions. Interest compounds daily as well as the rate is determined quarterly. The rate is the federal short term rate plus 3%. It’s possible for you to see the current interest rates on the IRS web site.

Additionally, if you did not pay your tax on time, you are subject to late-payment fees. This fee is set as a percentage of the tax owed for each month that the tax remains unpaid after the due date, up to 25%.

Of course, acceptable cause for the failure is not inadmissible and our tax advisers are prepared to assist you minimize the penalties and interest you may owe on top of your tax debt. Contacting one of our representatives will enable us to walk you get through the process so that we can determine if you meet the states that may permit the Internal Revenue Service to waive your penalties. We’re available to help in understanding the IRS collection process, you document your conditions and review your rights as a taxpayer. Do not make a terrible decision that will cost you considerably.

Negotiating a way to settle your tax debt includes proposing to enter into an Offer in Compromise Agreement with all the IRS in order for them to contemplate your current and future financial status and lower the quantity of your tax bill, however the laws have lately changed.

After they determine whether you’re eligible, they contemplate all the circumstances in your case. They also offer an appeals process in case they reject your offer.

There are some obstacles that make working with a tax advisor beneficial, while the process may be handled without a tax professional. One of the factors that are top is that to get the Internal Revenue Service to concur is difficult.

Now the IRS offers trained mediators in the event you appeal the IRS decision and you’ve got the option of bringing in an external co-mediator.

Moreover, the IRS is understood to make errors in its compromise evaluations. When it’s important, our trained professionals can help you save your right to get things clarified without the IRS overestimating your capability to pay back the total amount.

Most people attempt to maintain an excellent credit score, so instead of destroying your credit with a tax lien, you can rely on our expertise to increase a fresh start.

This protection of government interests alarm creditors that the government has a legal right to your premises.

Most creditors won’t offer credit to you. Worse, an outstanding tax lien can remain on your credit report forever, or, after several years have passed, depending on the credit bureau. In the meantime, anyone who must review your credit report sees this tax lien (even in the event that you pay it in full).

This can impact a lot of your buying choices for decades. Limiting your capability to get credit is not a favorable position. While, lots of people might figure that it is the sole choice they face and “that there’s nothing you certainly can do about it,” that may not be always accurate.

Our specialists can also assist you to discover if you qualify to have your lien notice swallowed.

Relying on our specialist advisers can make a huge difference in your financial life, because we remain up to date on systems and laws the IRS offers to be able that will help you get back on track and still settle your tax account.

Even if you file for bankruptcy, your tax lien may continue after the bankruptcy. Relying on our experienced support might be among the main choices you have to make in your financial life, since a lien attaches to all your assets.

It’s never too late to file a return voluntarily and in the event you wait until the IRS finds that you haven’t submitted a tax return for a few years, you create unneeded hazards and can face significant fees.

There are many advantages if you file a previous due return now. You may limit interest charges and fees. The Internal Revenue Service will possibly issue you a refund, if applicable. It helps you protect your Social Security benefits since you reported your income, which is credited toward your Social Security and disability benefits. Ultimately, you’ll reduce the impact on any loans that you may want to get, since copies of filed taxed returns are a typical part of many loan applications.

When the IRS system detects they have not received any tax returns from you, this can lead to some very serious activities. The IRS may file a substitute return for you. A substitute return does not contain all the credits, deductions and exemptions that an annual return provides. Since the second-string return may cover more than one year, your tax liability raises considerably without these credits.

After the IRS prepares a second-string return with their measured sums the collection process is activated, and when it is left unpaid, the Internal Revenue Service can take serious actions against you.

As a way to avoid levies penalties, or criminal prosecution, you must seek our professional advice to try to file and lower your back taxes. We’re pros at handling many situations much like yours and our professional consultants can find a resolution system that works for you.

Gaining from our experience dealing with the IRS is available and affordable to you in taking the necessary things to do in order to handle your tax debt. [state’s] Tax Help Right Now understands the complexities of the IRS collection procedure and we proudly serve your Evansville to ease your mind and negotiate together with the IRS to present your case efficiently.

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